Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What does marriage really mean?

What does marriage really mean?...
a binding contract/a piece of paper confirming that a person is another's property as well, black and white that prooves you have the authoirty to change someone else's life, the right to have sexual affairs with another person, a dedication of one's self to another and to support each other in whatever situation, and probably the right to have a whole family.

But do you really need that to have all that??

Marriage is a religious holy matrimony between a man and a woman, which binds them officially to each other as mates publicly and (in spiritual terms) soul mates.
It is a requirement as shown by the public that you must show proof that this person is of Your "Property".
(Are you happy being known and labelled as someone else's property? Even if you are, you will feel it a little annoying)
By religion, marriage is required for you to be able to have any sort of sexual affairs with another individual (which also touches the issue whether is it right or wrong to bear children when they are not officially married)
Publicly, if you were to be facing with another brute (either male or female) who is disturbing or perverting your "partner", marriage gives you the right to defend your partner (like calling the authorities and having this person arrested of their uncivilized action)...

Consider this.. If a person who is neither married nor having any affairs, adopts a child, then what you take that as? A single parent with an adopted child (more or less seen as almost half of what you would call a family)
So if a couple (not married) decides to adopt children, would you consider them a family? (since there is a man of authority, a woman for nurture and children to be cared for, nurtured and brought up in a proper manner)
If a couple decides to run away (in whatever fantasy terms you might think of) and bear children of their own, would you consider them a family? (the only thing they're missing, is the marriage certificate!)
Do you see people today, having affairs with each other, showing any marriage proofs??

So Why do people want to get married anyway???
  1. as a proof that we have authority over each other's lives
  2. to be publicly accepted in every way for a family to be
  3. to be comforted by our conscience that we are doing things by the rules
  4. to make sure that we have the authority to protect our property from influences of others
  5. to have a real family
  6. etc...
Why can we option not to get married???
  1. you don't need a black and white to show how you feel about another person (in a sexual or nonsexual way)
  2. people want to get married just because they want a family, but you can have one Without marriage as you please, only the higher authorities have some objections against it
  3. people get married thinking that it will last forever, and end up breaking the whole thing when things go wrong or they get tired of each other
  4. (we all can agree that) we do not like to be bound by rules so strict that it holds us from freedom, becuase freedom and happiness is what we like (correct?)
  5. life goes on if things don't work out between a couple, and it is less frustrating and less complicated to be solved
  6. if adopting children and having a partner is considered a family (by marriage), then why must an unmarried couple in the same situation be treated differently just because they aren't married and proved in black and white?
  7. you may have children and you might not be married, but it is up to the both of you whether you have the responsibility to care for these young ones (and to make a decision to have them in the first place), and if so happens that both couples do not want to share some responsibility for their actions, even as individuals, then EFF you, take a hike and please go on a soul searching journey (or watch some videros about it, you can find everything online *smirk
So if you were to ask me whether if I would get married and make it official,
it would only depend on a few things...
  1. to bear children with my mate and undergo my religious customs
  2. just for the sake of it if I want to do it and so does my mate
  3. or to make our families make sense of the whole thing
Other than that, I would prefer to take my time with the person I can really cherish for years longer than what newly-weds or married couples can go through.
There are so many people in the world. How many there are out there, who have been in longer relationships and happy ones, COMPARED to those who get married, get tired of each other/go through problems, and divorce, just to find themselves back at sqaure one.

It is how much you can offer that person you truly love that matters most.
A relationship (as you should know) is a two way street, if you find yourself in a one-way situation, beware.
If you find that person whom you can't live without, and the feeling just stays forever, don't let go. Because it is special to find someone you can Truly pour out your love in every way, even in the smallest way, just so that you both can be happily together by yourselves, apart from this materialistic and chaotic world.

To Be Continued... sometimes taking life plain and easy will make it better for you and your love one.

(23rd December 2010):
Yes (s), agreed.
- It always comes down to the choices of the individuals, that's why there's no point for people to keep asking others when will they get married, are they planning to get married, why aren't they, etc...
It's true that marriage is a special bond that hold together two lovers, on the other hand, lovers can also do so without being married, only if they choose to go down that path.
- Some people prefer to be absolutely free (that's why we have many bachelors and bachelorettes), some prefer to have a pure and religious life, some prefer to do so just because it is what "Everyone" is doing, and some people just don't want to rush things and they prefer to let things happen as time passes by.

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